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Tired of spam

All right, it is decided. I still post here, but friends only. I am tired of LJ spam.
To follow up on this post, I can now report that I am touching heaven. :-D I must have done something really good, because life is spoiling me big time these days!

*happy explosions*

From a poignant hommage

"She had created this paradise within the agony of the greatest challenges and all I could do was to breathe in the bitter sweetness of the moment she was sharing with me".

<3 :,-D

On Montreal

According to the New York Times, Montreal is hip ! :-)


I think that life has a few fizzies in store for me. :-D

Small is beautiful, so it seems.

I opened myself to a seemingly small thing. Turns out I am entering a wonderful happy revolution. Wow!

And I am left effervescent again. And again. :-D

Oh oh!

It turns out I have an admirer! I found this on my desk while I was giving a lab...

And, no, it is not from a student... :-D

I loooooove red roses...

In which I filled myself with Beauty

I filled myself with Beauty. Dark Beauty.

Surrounded with people I love and respect, I exposed myself to 90 minutes of pure pleasure and intense beautiful.

In several ways, it reminded me of that time Kriss and I said we "lost our virginity again". That Sigur Ros show in 2005 remained the best show I've ever seen, but what I saw tonight was a good second. Yes, totally shadowing the other shows I saw, regardless where they were and the documentary Heima.

It was beautiful on the ear level, as expected, but also a pleasure for the eyes. Like some kind of antic precious dark mysterious old souvenir. We wanted more, to stay in this universe. It'd be like being happily trapped in a happy beautiful music box with intense emotional orgasms.

Noir, mysterious, intense. Entirely captivating. Totally filling myself with beauty.


Athos, Porthos and Aramis had a mouthgasm.

This mouthgasm is brought to me by Réservoir. It never disappoints!

Of course, it contains thick-sliced (Laurentien, I highly suspect) bacon, aka looooove!


I could watch this tadpole all day! I even had a pair of student name it "Speedy" and start to get attached to it. LOL!

Oh well, Speedy will have a new life and leave "the nest" once he/she grows some legs.

Perhaps that makes me a hypocrite, but while being fond of Speedy, I can't help to think that this week, I'll be dissecting a frog. It is the circle of life? :-]